A Space-Saving Power Redundancy Solution for Data Center Applications

In over-crowded data center equipment racks, sometimes there’s just not enough room for a traditional, horizontal format, rack-mount automatic power transfer switch. In cases like this, a vertical format power transfer switch can allow network administrators to implement a viable power redundancy solution without the need to juggle around existing rack elements or even remove a rarely used device from the rack. Unlike traditional horizontal format ATS units, a vertical format power transfer switch easily mounts to a rack post or rack pocket, providing effective power redundancy without the need to sacrifice valuable rack space.

In addition to saving space, a vertical format ATS also helps to reduce the cost of implementing a power redundancy solution by eliminating the need to replace existing single power inlet devices with dual power inlet devices. This in turn also eliminates the need to reconfigure those brand new dual power inlet devices in order to allow them to work smoothly with your existing network application.

An effective power redundancy solution ensures that vital network resources and services cannot be interrupted by a simple power outage; reducing downtime, improving service and helping to keep clients and customers happy. The versatile, space-saving zero-unit rack mounting capabilities provided by a vertical format automatic transfer switch can also help to keep network engineers happy; reducing high costs associated with new dual power inlet network elements, and eliminating the need to dig through crowded equipment racks in a desperate attempt to make more room for yet another device.

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