Protecting Test Lab Applications from Power Outages

One ill-timed power outage can ruin a week’s worth of testing in a single stroke. In addition to disabling the device under test, power outages can also take down vital test equipment such as data recorders, load injectors, traffic generators, test bed servers and other equipment associated with the test procedure, often resulting in invalid data and causing the entire test procedure to be started all over again. Fortunately, a power redundancy solution, such as WTI’s PTS-14CM20-V Series Vertical Format Power Transfer Switch can immediately switch to a back-up power source, preventing the test procedure from being interrupted.

In any application that includes existing single power inlet devices, power outages are a constant threat. In an ideal world, all test labs would have a big enough budget to allow the purchase of new dual power inlet devices and enough spare time to configure those devices to work with your established test procedures. But in cases where time or budgetary constraints mandate a quick, economical solution for power redundancy, a PTS-14CM20-V Series Vertical Format Power Transfer Switch can provide seamless power fallback capabilities to single inlet devices, without the need to go on a test equipment shopping spree or to spend valuable days setting up new devices to perform the same tasks as the single power inlet devices previously did.

In addition to eliminating the cost and hassles of new dual power inlet test equipment, the vertical format PTS-14CM20-V Power Transfer Switch also saves rack space. The PTS-14CM20-V easily mounts to a rack post or rack pocket to provide reliable power redundancy without sacrificing valuable rack space. In applications that don’t involve rack mounted test elements, the PTS-14CM20-V can also be mounted horizontally on the test bench, providing an easily accessible row of outlets with power fallback capabilities.

In test labs, data centers, web hosting facilities and cloud hosting facilities, an effective power redundancy solution ensures that simple power outages will not interrupt test procedures or client access to data, services and tools. By eliminating test equipment downtime caused by power outages, the PTS-14CM20-V reduces the need to repeat test procedures due to missing data or incomplete testing. WTI’s PTS-14CM20-V Series Vertical Format Power Transfer Switches take the sting out of the task of implementing an effective power redundancy solution by eliminating the expense and hassles of replacing existing single power inlet devices.

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