Using a Dual Ethernet Console Server in a Wireless Network Application

In addition to serving as a vital element in network redundancy applications, a Dual Ethernet Console server can also help to provide wireless access to inaccessible network elements in lights out data centers and locked equipment cabinets. This type of implementation is particularly helpful in server rooms and other situations where tech support “crash carts” are used to provide quick access to vital network elements during emergencies and outages.

In wireless applications, the secondary Ethernet port on the Dual Ethernet Console Server is connected to a wireless router, rather than a network cable. This allows a crash cart with wireless capabilities to create a connection to the Dual Ethernet Console Server in order to access console port command functions on network elements inside locked equipment cabinets and in other inaccessible locations.

When a network element inside a locked cabinet or difficult to reach location malfunctions, tech support can save time by using wireless access to the Dual Ethernet Console Server to communicate with unresponsive devices in order to quickly remedy network problems and restore network access.

In addition to providing console port access on difficult-to-reach devices, a Dual Ethernet Console Server equipped with a wireless router can be used for a number of other network support functions. In fact, wireless access to a Dual Ethernet Console Server can prove to be extremely useful in just about any application that requires access to console ports on networked elements that are not within easy reach.

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