WTI Improves Centralized Management for Out-of-Band Console Server & PDU Deployments

Irvine, Ca, September 10, 2014 – WTI (www.wti.com), the Out-of-Band Console Server and PDU experts have announced a vital upgrade to their WMU Enterprise Management Software. This new version of the WMU, a centralized management utility for WTI console servers and PDU’s, includes features that streamline the task of accessing and controlling globally deployed network assets via in-band and out-of-band connections.

“The purpose of the WMU is to provide a consolidated command interface that simplifies the task of accessing and controlling multiple mission-critical devices deployed across global enterprise networks,” said Dustin Morrison, WTI Marketing Manager. “The latest update to the WMU software takes centralized management a step further by adding valuable new features that make it much easier for our customers to identify and connect to 3g/4g, satellite and PSTN modems at remote sites.”

“In order to streamline the task of identifying and connecting to devices in your network infrastructure, the WMU now provides the ability to immediately access out-of-band modems connected to WTI devices. This allows administrators to quickly establish sessions with unresponsive equipment or remotely reboot power, with a single mouse click even when the network is down,” Dustin Morrison added.

Since large network installations include a variety of different remote locations, the ability to link each device to its modem phone number or IP address drastically reduces the time required to locate and create an SSH, Telnet or dial-up connection to the correct device during network emergencies.

The capability to quickly access a specific WTI device via SSH or Telnet also allows users who may not have an onboard modem to establish a network connection to a modem-equipped WTI device, and then employ the modem on the remote device to create an outbound dial-up connection to another device of their choosing. This not only enables users to avoid long distance phone charges when communicating with remote devices, but also eliminates the hassle of setting up a dial-up modem on your PC or laptop.

The updated WMU enterprise management software provides technicians with a powerful assortment of tools that drastically simplify the task of dealing with emergencies at remote network sites:

  • Quick & Secure Out-of-Band Access to Console Ports via WTI Devices
  • Clearly Identify Network Infrastructure Managed by WTI Devices
  • Single Command Interface for Multiple WTI Units
  • Manage Usernames and Passwords
  • Simplify Firmware Upgrades for WTI Units
  • Centralized Collection Point for Alarms and Notifications

For 50 years, WTI has been a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of IP Enabled Smart PDUs, Console Servers and Out-of-Band Management solutions. WTI products are designed and manufactured in Irvine, California USA with partner locations in over 20 countries worldwide.

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