Effective Remote Management of Network Devices in Oil and Gas Industry Applications

The task of managing network equipment in oil and gas industry applications often involves dealing with problems at facilities and equipment enclosures that are miles and miles away from the central office. When a crucial network element located at a distant oil rig, pipeline monitoring station or oil tanker refuses to respond to commands, NOC personnel in the petroleum industry need a means to deal with the problem immediately, without the delays associated with a physical service call.

Fortunately, WTI’s RSM-8R8 Series Remote Site Managers can provide tech support personnel with secure, effective access to power control, reboot and console port command functions at distant oil industry facilities without the need to send a service team out to deal with the problem in person. When malfunctioning network elements shut down communication with a remote petroleum industry operation, administrators and NOC personnel can promptly establish an out-of-band connection to the RSM-8R8 via dial-up, broadband satellite or secondary network and use the RSM-8R8’s reboot and console port access capabilities to swiftly remedy the problem.

In addition to providing tech support personnel with reboot and console access capabilities, the RSM-8R8 also allows administrators to keep closer tabs on conditions at distant oil and gas industry applications, and can provide immediate notification when high temperatures, power supply irregularities, unresponsive devices and other potentially harmful conditions are detected at the remote site. The RSM-8R8 can also log user activity, environmental conditions and other significant events at the remote site, to create an audit trail that can be used to diagnose problems at the site. In cases where single corded network elements are present at the site, the RSM-8R8 can also serve as an effective power redundancy solution.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 provides tech support personnel with a vital tool for dealing with problems at remote oil and gas industry installations promptly and effectively … without the hassles or delays of a long ride to a distant pipeline monitoring station or bumpy boat ride to a faraway oil rig.

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