Managing Networked Devices in Mobile Media Applications

The task of managing devices in mobile media applications presents a unique set of challenges for technical support personnel. For one thing, the mobile and often remote nature of this type of application means that traditional service calls or on-site tech personnel are often impractical, for another, when a vital device in an outside broadcast van or in-flight entertainment system crashes, customers start to complain immediately. In order to effectively resolve problems in mobile media applications, tech support personnel need a solution that provides remote access to power control, reboot and console port command functions on critical system elements.

The best way to minimize downtime and keep customers happy in mobile media applications is to make certain that OB Vans and IFE systems include WTI’s RSM-8R8 series Console Server + PDU +ATS. The RSM-8R8 provides a secure, effective solution for remote management. When problems arise at a mobile media installation, tech support personnel at a centralized network operations center can immediately contact the RSM-8R8 via in-band avenues or out-of-band avenues such as secondary satellite, 3G/4G modem or dial-up.

Once a secure connection to the RSM-8R8 is established, technicians can immediately reboot unresponsive satellite modems, OB consoles, media servers and other devices or access console port command functions in order to reconfigure devices and restore proper operation. This cuts the time required to deal with issues with devices at the remote, mobile site, reduces downtime and helps to ensure that vital media services are available when needed.

In addition to providing tools for dealing with problems at remote mobile media sites, the RSM-8R8 also includes monitoring and alarm functions that can track rack temperatures, power supply irregularities, excessive invalid access attempts, unresponsive devices and other potential signs of trouble and immediately notify the network operations center when conditions exceed user-defined trigger levels. Alarm activity, user actions, current consumption and temperature levels can also be logged for future review.

The remote, out-of-band console access and reboot and power control capabilities provided by an RSM-8R8 series Console Server + PDU +ATS unit provide the perfect solution for managing network elements in remote, mobile applications such as OB Vans, Emergency Response Vehicles and In-Flight Entertainment Systems. In any application that requires management and maintenance of remote, mobile network devices, the RSM-8R8 series Console Server + PDU + ATS can provide administrators with valuable tools for both keeping tabs on conditions at the remote site and for dealing with emergencies as they arise.

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