Managing Remote Network Elements on Oil Drilling Rigs and Production Platforms

Drill rigs and production platforms present a difficult challenge for network support personnel. When a router or firewall located on a distant petroleum production facility becomes unresponsive, NOC personnel need to fix the problem immediately in order to avoid downtime, but the remote location of the site often makes a quick response somewhat problematic. Fortunately, WTI’s RSM-8R8 Remote Site Managers can drastically simplify the task of dealing with network problems on remote drill rigs, production platforms and support vessels.

When network equipment cabinets on drill rigs, production platforms and support vessels include an RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager, support personnel can quickly establish an out-of-band connection to the RSM-8R8 via broadband satellite, dial-up or 3G/4G modem and gain instant access to power reboot and console port command functions to deal with network issues without even leaving the office. Once a secure, out-of-band connection to the RSM-8R8 is established, support personnel can remotely reboot unresponsive routers or firewalls or connect to a console port on a malfunctioning device in order to change configuration parameters or run diagnostic/troubleshooting routines.

In addition to simplifying the process of dealing with network problems at remote drill rigs and production platforms, the RSM-8R8 can also help administrators to take a more proactive approach to managing remote network elements by monitoring conditions and events in distant equipment cabinets and providing immediate notification when a potential complication is detected. When high rack temperatures, unresponsive devices, excessive invalid access attempts, power supply irregularities and other signs of trouble are observed, the RSM-8R8 can provide immediate notification via email, text message or SNMP trap and also log the event for future review. This provides network administrators with a quick “heads up” before small problems turn into big ones and also creates an auditable record that can be used to diagnose recurring issues at the remote site.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager provides NOC personnel with a vital tool for dealing with complications at distant drill rigs, production platforms and support vessels immediately, without the need for a physical visit to the remote site.

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