Out-of-Band Reboot Control and Console Access for Remote Pipeline Monitoring Stations

When a crucial network device located at a distant pipeline monitoring station crashes and takes down the station’s monitoring or communication capabilities, the race is on to remedy the problem before the outage forces a temporary shutdown of the pipeline’s delivery functions. In cases like this, there isn’t time to wait for a service team to travel to the remote site and restore communication and monitoring functions. Network support personnel need an out-of-band management solution that allows them to deal with the problem at the pipeline monitoring station immediately.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Remote Site Managers provide the perfect solution for dealing with network issues at extremely remote sites such as pipeline monitoring stations. When the RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager is deployed at a remote pipeline monitoring station, network engineers can establish an out-of-band connection to the RSM-8R8 using broadband satellite, dial-up or 3G/4G modem, and then use the RSM-8R8’s reboot and console access capabilities to quickly restore normal operation. Once connected to the RSM-8R8, tech support personnel can easily initiate a power reboot cycle to restart an unresponsive device, or access console port command functions on devices at the remote site in order to run diagnostic and troubleshooting routines.

As convenient as this may be, the RSM-8R8 also provides other functions that go beyond basic reboot and console port access. In addition to providing a power redundancy solution for single corded network devices, the RSM-8R8 also provides powerful monitoring, logging and reporting functions that can track rack temperatures, power supply irregularities, and other significant factors at the pipeline monitoring station and immediately notify pipeline administrators when suspect conditions are detected. When an alarm is generated, the RSM-8R8 can notify support personnel via email, text message or SNMP trap and also log each alarm event to provide an audit trail that can be extremely helpful in diagnosing problems at the remote pipeline monitoring station.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager provides oil NOC personnel in the oil and gas industry with an extremely versatile tool for both dealing with problems at distant pipeline monitoring stations as well as a reliable means to track conditions and events at the remote site … reducing the need for expensive, time-consuming truck rolls and service calls.

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