Secure, Reliable Out-of-Band Management for Oil Tanker Applications

Unresponsive network elements on oil tankers can present a bit of a challenge to both on-board and shore based tech support personnel … especially if that oil tanker is currently at sea. When a router or firewall crashes and takes down important navigation, helideck monitoring or communication systems with it, network administrators need to be able to act fast to restore normal operation before safety issues ensue. There’s often no time to fly in a tech support team or take off on a trek to the other end of the ship to investigate problems in a remote equipment enclosure; NOC personnel need an out-of-band management solution that can deal with the problem at once.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Remote Site Managers can provide the perfect solution for resolving network issues on oil tankers, without the wait for a tech support rescue team to arrive on site or to the need to bundle up and start off on a long hike to a network device half a football field away from the safety and warmth of the bridge. When the RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager is deployed in an oil tanker based network application, your NOC team can establish an out-of-band connection to the RSM-8R8 via satellite broadband, 3G/4G modem or secondary network and deal with network issues immediately.

Once a connection to the RSM-8R8 has been established, support personnel can employ the unit’s versatile remote power reboot and remote console access capabilities to quickly resolve network issues without delay. Unresponsive Com systems can be instantly rebooted and restarted and console port command functions on out-of-the-way devices can be quickly accessed in order to change configuration parameters or run diagnostic or troubleshooting routines.

In addition providing remote reboot and console access capabilities for dealing with network emergencies, the RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager also helps administrators to keep better track of conditions and events at remote or inaccessible equipment sites such as are found on oil tankers. The RSM-8R8 includes versatile monitoring, notification and logging capabilities that can be used to track significant conditions and events in oil tanker network equipment racks and provide immediate notification when rack temperatures, current consumption, invalid access attempts or other factors exceed user-defined parameters. When any monitored condition generates and alarm, administrators and support personnel can be instantly notified via email, text message or SNMP trap. Alarm events are also logged for future review, proving NOC personnel with an audit trail of sorts that can be very useful when analyzing recurring network issues.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Remote Site Manager provides network support personnel with a secure reliable method for effectively dealing with network emergencies on oil tankers without delay, minimizing downtime for important safety devices, communication systems and navigation equipment. The out-of-band management capabilities supplied by the RSM-8R8 make life easier for both shipboard and shore-bound support personnel by providing remote access to a powerful reboot and console port command functions, allowing most network issues to be corrected without the to leave the NOC.

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