Turn Older Versions of Windows into Windows 10 with a Transformation Pack

Here’s an interesting way to get a sneak peek at the capabilities that may be eventually be featured in the upcoming Windows 10 release … providing you’ve got the time and patience to undo it if something goes wrong.

Whenever a preview of a new operating system is shown chance is good that someone will create a transformation pack that turns older versions of an operating system into the new one. We have seen transformation packs for a variety of systems in the past. You can turn current versions of Windows into Mac OS X Yosemite for instance.

Attention: Most transformation packs modify files on the system and install new programs on it. This can lead to unforeseen consequences which is why it is always suggested to create a backup before the installer is run on Windows.

The Windows 10 Transformation Pack, as the name suggests, turns current versions of Windows into a Windows 10 look-a-like system. It is compatible with all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP all the way up to Windows 8.1. In addition, it is also working on server systems.

windows 10 transformation

The transformation pack is a collection of programs, themes, icons and designs that are installed as one package on compatible systems.

Note: Some programs and features require various .NET framework versions. The start menu and Aero auto-colorization require the .Net Framework 2.0 for instance, while Newgen (Metro UI), the Framework 4.0.

Integrated are the important UxStyle memory patching program which makes necessary modifications to Windows system files in memory so that third-party themes can be loaded, specific themes for each supported operating system, and six additional programs that add various features such as a start menu or virtual desktops.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are limitations in regards to how close it comes to Windows 10. The start menu for instance looks different even though it combines tiles and programs just like the Windows 10 start menu does.

The transformation pack has a size of 92 Megabyte. It comes as a zip file that you need to unpack on your system after the download. A single executable file is extracted that you need to run on the system to install the transformation pack on it.

This brings up the an options menu that you can use to customize the installation. It is for instance possible to disable the installation of virtual desktops or the start menu (which only works in Windows 7 or newer anyway). The Immersive UI (Metro) is not enabled by default. If you want the Charms Bar or Metro Start Screen, you need to enable that separately as well.

What you may want to do is disable the set to homepage option which is checked by default. Your browser’s homepage will be changed by the installer if you don’t.

Once you have made your selection the installation begins. It may be necessary to restart the PC after the installation before all the changes are visible on the screen.

You should be able to uninstall the transformation pack again at any time using the default program uninstaller or any third-party program.

Closing Words

The Windows 10 Transformation Pack does a great job at turning current versions of Windows into Windows 10. The customization options are mighty useful, I like that it provides you with options to block certain programs from being installed. The start menu for example is not really that usable in my opinion.

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