Firefox 35 – Here’s What’s New

Although the official release date was about a week ago, my work PC didn’t auto-update until just this morning.

Firefox 35 is the latest version of the web browser that is made available to all Stable channel users as of January 13, 2015. All other Firefox channels, that is Beta, Aurora, Nightly and Extended Support Release, are also updated to the next major version which in this case means Beta 36, Aurora 37, Nightly 38 and ESR 31.4.

You can find out which version and channel you are running by typing about:support in the browser’s address bar and hitting enter.

The page that opens up displays the information under Application Basics.

Firefox 35 Download

firefox 35

The official release date of Firefox 35 is January 13, 2015. Firefox releases are always pushed to the official Mozilla ftp server before the official release data and distributed to mirror sites around the globe to ensure that the update runs flawlessly for all users of the browser.

While it may be tempting to download that version, last minute changes may require that another build gets released as the final version. It is therefore best to wait until the release is announced officially by Mozilla.

Most Firefox users will receive the update via the browser’s built-in update module. Users who prefer to download it instead can do so on the official Mozilla website.

Firefox 35 Changes

Firefox 35 ships with new and improved features. While that is the case, it appears to be a minor release feature-wise both on the desktop as well as on mobile.

Firefox Hello with room functionality

firefox hello

Rooms extend the functionality of Firefox Hello, the real-time video and audio chat module of Firefox that Mozilla introduced in Firefox 34.

It works similar to chat rooms that persist even if the initiator of a connection closes Firefox or the Hello module.

Rooms are limited and not comparable to IRC chat and other chat rooms where dozens or even hundreds of users communication with each other.

From initial tests, it looks as if rooms are limited to 2 participants.

Additional information about Firefox Hello are available on Mozilla Support.

HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension implemented

Public Key Pinning was introduced in Firefox 32 on the desktop and in Firefox 34 for Android. The security feature links specific domains and services to Certificate Authorities (CAs) so that they are used instead of authorities that are not mentioned.

The Public Key Pinning Extension provides site owners to do the same on their end. It allows them to list acceptable Certificate Authorities that browsers should use during connection to reduce the impact of compromised Certificate Authorities.

Public Key Pinning Extension requires an initial connection to the site in order to get the pinset from it which it wants the browser to use in future connections.

Other Changes

  • Built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer through native APIs
  • Tools menu links to Firefox Marketplace, icon also added.
  • New Search UI enabled for more locales.
  • Tile rendering on Os X.
  • Improved handling of dynamic styling changes to increase responsiveness.
  • Plugin Finder service has been shut down [Bug 836415]
  • Fixed: reduced resource usage for scaled images

Side Note: If you are using the new search interface introduced in Firefox 34, you will notice that it is still not possible to rearrange search engines. It is possible to change the order of search engines now. You need to open the Search Options for that and use drag and drop operations to reorder the search engines. Check out this guide if you want to restore the old search interface in Firefox.

Developer Changes

  • Support for CSS Source Maps enabled by default. Allows you to edit preprocessor files like┬áSass, Less or Stylus in Firefox instead of CSS generated from those files.
  • Access Show DOM Properties from the element context menu.
  • CSS Filters enabled by default.
  • WebSocket available in Workers.
  • CSS Font Loading API support. [Bug 1028497]
  • Resource Timing API implemented. [Bug 1002855]
  • The network.websocket.enabled preference has been removed.

Firefox 35 for Android

If you are using Firefox for Android you will notice that the browser requests permissions to access Wi-Fi connection information which it did not require before.

The permissions are used to improve the browser’s location-based service according to Mozilla.

  • Bing Search uses HTTPS now.
  • Geolocation service sharing Wi-Fi and cellular signals now with Mozilla if enabled by the user.
  • Android Download Manager is used to keep track of downloaded files.
  • Network error pages show search dialog now.
  • HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension support.
  • Files downloaded in private browsing mode are not listed in the download manager.

Security updates / fixes

Security updates are published after the release of the browser. We will add those once they become available.

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