Prepare your PC to Upgrade to Windows 10 through Windows Update

Here’s an interesting tool for those planning to install the Windows 10 preview build that’s due later this month …

Microsoft will release a new Windows 10 Preview build in January to the public. Most expect it to be the consumer-focused build company representatives were talking about earlier this year but no one outside of the company knows for sure right now what it will ship with.

One indicator that this is likely the case is the release of a new tool. The Prepare this PC program enables users of supported versions of Windows, that means Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, to update to the next preview of Windows 10 using Windows Update.

A word of caution: The next Windows 10 version that Microsoft will release in January is still a preview build. It is not recommended to use Prepare this PC on your main computer to get the update as you will install beta software on it in this case which can cause all kinds of issues on it.

Anyway, you can download the program for all supported operating systems from this page on the Microsoft Windows website.

Just run the 30 Kilobyte tool after download and click ok to complete the process.

prepare this pc

This configures the PC so that Windows Update will pick up the next Windows 10 build that Microsoft releases in January.

Another word of caution: You need to know that you cannot restore the old version of Windows once the update to Windows 10 has been installed. The only option to go back is to create recovery discs of your own, for instance by using backup software.

Depending on which version of Windows is already installed on the PC, all, some or no personal files and settings will be available after the update.

If you’re upgrading from You can keep

Windows 8.1 or Windows 8

Windows settings, personal files, and most apps

Windows RT 8.1 or Windows RT

Technical Preview doesn’t run on Windows RT systems

Windows 7

Windows settings, personal files, and most apps

Windows Vista

Nothing—you must boot from media and perform a clean install

Microsoft will make available a preview ISO disc image as well, and it is usually better to do a clean install instead of an upgrade unless you want to test the update functionality on a test system. This can also be used in a virtual machine to test Windows 10 without affecting any of the installed operating systems on the PC.

Important Requirements / Information

  • The Technical Preview expires on April 15, 2015
  • Windows 7 users need Service Pack 1 installed if they want to upgrade using Windows Update.
  • Windows Media Player won’t play DVD anymore after the update.
  • Windows 8 Pro users with Media Center will have Windows Media Center removed during the upgrade.
  • The Windows 10 Technical Preview can be upgraded to Windows 10 RTM (source).

Microsoft plans to release the final version of Windows 10 in Fall 2015.

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