WiFi Map Pro Passwords Reveals Open Wireless Hotspots

This sounds like a pretty useful app … providing that other users in your service area have gone to the trouble of registering a few local wireless hotspots.

You have two core options to connect to the Internet with your smartphone or mobile device: WiFi or using mobile connections. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. While you may run into privacy issues while using wireless connections that you don’t have full control over, mobile connections are often limited bandwidth-wise which means that you may increase your mobile bill using them or limit the connectivity options once you hit a certain threshold.

Open wireless hotspots can be useful in this regard as they allow you to connect to the Internet without having to pay for access directly.

You may know those from various coffee places, bars and restaurants that may offer free WiFi to customers. To gain access, it is usually necessary to ask for the password as most are password protected.

WiFi Map Pro Passwords is a free application for Android and iOS devices that reveals those open wireless hotspots and their passwords to you so that you can use them directly.

The free (on Android) application displays wireless hotspots around your location by default. You can use the search to find another location which is also useful if you have location services disabled.

wifi hotspot

The app displays a map at the top of the screen and places in close proximity to the location below it. Each place is listed with its name, an icon depicting its type, the street address, and the distance to the selected location.

A tap on a place zooms in on it on the map and displays the most recent user comments revealing passwords for the wireless network of it.

Note: These passwords appear to be user curated which means that they may not work depending on the time the password was added to the app by a user and the time you are trying to connect to the wireless network.

You can add a new password to the place which becomes available to all users of the application then.

The app offers another interesting option: to download the list of WiFi hotspots for offline usage. You can use this for example to download the list while you are at home to make use of it once you reach the destination. Useful for business trips or family vacations.

A profile is required however to download these information to the local device.

Closing Words

The usefulness of WiFi Map Pro Passwords depends largely on user contributions. If you are living in a location with lots of contributions or travel to one, then it can be quite useful.

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