A Dual WAN Management Solution for Cisco 2960-X Series Switches at Petroleum Pump Jack Sites

Dealing with an unresponsive Cisco 2960-X Series Switch at a remote pump jack site can sometimes present a bit of a challenge for support personnel at a distant NOC. Due to the remote, inaccessible nature of many pump jack sites, avenues for out-of-band management are often somewhat limited. In cases like this a Dual Wan Console Server can often provide NOC personnel with additional out-of-band management options that are not available via a traditional console server with only a single Ethernet port.

The presence of two Ethernet Ports on a Dual WAN Console Server simplifies the process of implementing 3G/4G/LTE cellular broadband and satellite broadband based out-of-band management solutions. This provides vital redundancy in cases where a dial-up connection is not readily available. When an unresponsive switch or router makes normal network communication impossible, a Dual WAN Console Server helps to ensure that remote support personnel have alternative avenues for out-of-band access to console port command functions on the problematic switch or router in order to restore network communication with the remote site without the delay or expense of a truck roll.

A Dual WAN Console Server helps to minimize downtime and maximize availability of network communication with remote sites by cutting the time required to remedy problems with devices such as Cisco 2960-X series switches at distant pump jack sites. This provides a valuable tool to prevent lapses in productivity and ensure that on-site devices such as leak detectors, flow meters and other peripheral elements at the pump jack site are functioning properly. Rather than waiting for a tech team to travel to the remote site in order to restore network communication at the site, tech support personnel can employ the out-of-band communication options offered by the Dual WAN Console Server to deal with problems with switches and other devices without leaving the NOC.

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