A Dual WAN Management Solution for Cisco Integrated Services Routers at Remote Pipeline Installations

When a vital network element, such as a Cisco Integrated Services Router at a remote pipeline installation, becomes unresponsive Network Operations Center personnel need to be able to address the problem without the delays and expense of a service call to the remote site. In cases like this, a Dual WAN Console Server can provide support personnel with out-of-band access to remote console port command functions, even when a crashed ISR interferes with normal network communication.

A Dual WAN Console Server can provide your tech support team with out-of-band access options not available on a traditional console server that includes only one Ethernet port. The presence of a secondary Ethernet port on a Dual WAN Console Server simplifies the process of implementing additional out-of-band management options such as 3G/4G/LTE cellular broadband and satellite broadband. This provides an ideal solution for out-of-band access to devices at remote sites such as pipeline support installations, monitoring stations and transfer stations.

When a critical network element such as a Cisco ISR become unresponsive and interfere with normal network communication, an out-of-band management solution that includes a Dual WAN Console Server provides support personnel with additional avenues for remote access to console port command functions on the unresponsive device. This allows techs to correct problems at remote sites promptly, without delay and without leaving the NOC. An out-of-band management solution that includes a Dual WAN Console Server helps to minimize downtime, maximize availability and cut costs associated with managing network elements at distant, inaccessible network installations sites in pipeline applications.

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