Dual WAN Out-of-Band Management for Juniper ACX2100 Series Industrial Routers in Refinery Applications

When a crucial network element, (such as a Juniper ACX2100 Series Industrial Router,) in a refinery application suddenly ceases to respond and disrupts network communication with the site, support personnel need to restore normal network access as quickly as possible. There’s no time to wait for a tech team to travel to the site to resolve the issue in person. Network communication needs to be restored NOW, (if not sooner,) in order to avoid costly interruptions in productivity and ensure safety at the refinery. In cases like this, a Dual WAN Console Server can provide vital alternatives for out-of-band management that are not available with a conventional, single Ethernet console server.

Due to the remote nature of many refinery applications, conventional avenues for out-of-band management, such as dial-up, are often unavailable. This means that the only workable alternatives for out-of-band management are usually limited to 3G/4G/LTE cellular broadband and satellite broadband. A Dual WAN Console Server drastically simplifies the challenge of adding cellular broadband and satellite broadband out-of-band management by providing two Ethernet Ports, rather than the single Ethernet Port provided by a traditional console server.

This allows NOC personnel to fix problems with remote Juniper ACX2100 Series Industrial Routers without the costs, delays and hassles associated with a physical service call to the remote refinery. When network communication is disrupted by corrupted routing tables or other issues, support personnel can quickly establish an out-of-band connection to the router via 3G/4G/LTE cellular broadband or satellite broadband in order to access console port command functions on the malfunctioning router to reload routing tables or run diagnostic and troubleshooting routines.

A Dual WAN Console Server is a vital aid in minimizing downtime and maximizing availability of network elements at distant refineries and other oil and gas industry installations. Rather than providing only network access and dial-up access like a conventional console server, a Dual WAN Console Server also allows you to implement out-of-band management strategies that rely on cellular broadband or satellite broadband. This more-or-less eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming truck rolls when unresponsive routers or switches at remote refinery installations disrupt normal network communication with the site.

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