Communicating with Devices on an Isolated LAN via Reverse SSH

Isolated LANs are often found in applications where either the remote nature of the site makes contact via outside network impractical and in applications where an outside network connection to the LAN might jeopardize network security. In cases like this, one of the few options for outside maintenance access to devices on the isolated LAN is often a console server that supports both dial-up access and the ability to create reverse SSH connections.

When a device such as WTI’s TSM Series Console Server is installed on the isolated LAN, remote tech support personnel can dial into the TSM’s internal modem, and then create a reverse SSH connection to any device on the isolated LAN. This enables remote technicians to check operating status, diagnose problems and perform trouble shooting routines on devices on the isolated LAN without the expense, delays and hassles of a physical service call to the isolated LAN site.

In order to protect the isolated LAN from unauthorized access, dial-up communication with the TSM Console Server is protected by standard security features such as user accounts and passwords, plus effective authentication via the TSM’s dial-back security feature. When the TSM Console is connected to both the isolated LAN and console ports on devices at the site, this allows remote access to both normal network communication with devices on the isolated LAN, plus access to console port command functions on any connected device.

In addition to providing network access to devices on the isolated LAN, the TSM also includes alarm and monitoring functions that enable remote support personnel to keep track of conditions and events at the site. When power supply irregularities, unresponsive devices, high rack temperatures and other signs of potential trouble are detected at the isolated LAN, the TSM can create time-stamped log entries to provide tech support personnel with an effective record of noteworthy conditions and events at the site.

WTI’s TSM Series Console Servers provide your NOC personnel with a secure, reliable means to communicate with devices on isolated LAN segments without the need to actually travel to the remote site in person. In addition to providing dial-up access to network and console port functions on devices on the isolated LAN, the TSM Console Server can also provide an accurate picture of conditions and user activity at the site.

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