Dual WAN Out-of-Band Management Solution for Juniper EX3300 Series Switches in Pipeline Applications

When a Juniper EX3300 Series Switch in a remote pipeline installation ceases to respond, there are generally only two ways to correct the problem; you can either send a tech team out to deal with the problem in person, or use an out-of-band management solution to deal with the problem immediately. Although out-of-band management provides a faster and more economical solution, the remote nature of pipeline applications and lack of on-site communication infrastructure often presents a challenge. Fortunately, a Dual WAN Console Server can provide out-of-band management options that aren’t available with a traditional, single Ethernet console server.

The presence of two Ethernet Ports on a Dual WAN Console Server enables easy implementation of alternative out-of-band communication channels such as 3G/4G/LTE cellular broadband and satellite broadband. This proves to be extremely helpful in pipeline applications, where out-of-band console access via dial-up may not be available. When a Juniper EX3300 Series Switch at a remote metering station or compressor station crashes and disrupts normal network communication with the site, personnel at your central NOC can easily establish out-of-band communication via cellular broadband or satellite broadband in order to access console port command capabilities on the malfunctioning switch.

Once an out-of-band connection has been established with the remote Juniper 3300 Series Switch, NOC personnel can then run diagnostic and troubleshooting routines in order to restore normal network communication immediately, effectively cutting downtime, reducing lags in productivity and ensuring safety at the remote site. A Dual WAN Console Server is the logical solution for any out-of-band management application that involves communication with remote sites, such as pipeline support facilities, where phone lines and other traditional out-of-band management strategies are often impractical.

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