New Information about Microsoft Edge Extensions

Here’s a sneak peek at Microsoft’s plans for upcoming Edge extensions, (not too many surprises here.)

A leaked Store entry of the first Microsoft Edge extension revealed interesting information about upcoming extensions support of Windows 10’s default browser. The store entry of the extension Page Analyzer is hidden from the Store application on Windows 10, the Microsoft Store website, and search engines currently which means that it cannot be opened unless you have the direct link.

The site that leaked the news, Windows Blog Italia, did not reveal the link unfortunately which means that we have to rely on the information they provide instead.

Microsoft Edge Extensions

edge extensions

So what does the Page Analyzer store entry reveal about upcoming extensions support in Microsoft Edge?

  1. Extensions will be made available via Windows Store. It is unclear right now if they are offered there exclusively, or if extensions can also be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website. All things considered, the most likely scenario is that extensions can only be downloaded using the Windows Store application but are listed and linked on Microsoft’s Store website just like apps are.
  2. Installation works like any application installation on Windows 10. Simply click on the “install button” to have it downloaded and added to Microsoft Edge on the system.
  3. Extensions that are installed via the Store get their own Start Menu entry, and it is possible to load them directly using the Start Menu (I suppose Edge gets opened if it is a generic extension but we don’t know that yet).
  4. Extensions do support ARM processors which indicates that they may be available for Edge on Windows 10 Mobile as well.
  5. According to Windows Blog Italia, extensions may add icons to the main toolbar of the browser at the top.

The rumor mill suggests that Microsoft will include extension support in one of the next Windows 10 Insider Builds which is expected to be pushed out soon by the company.

Names of extensions that are likely part of the first wave of extensions available for Edge leaked earlier, and one should expect Pinterest, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Page Analyzer and AdBlock among the first batch of extensions for the Microsoft Edge browser.

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