Ransomware Removal Kit

This isn’t really a new tool per se, but rather a convenient collection of existing tools.

Ransomware Removal Kit is a collection of anti-ransomware programs designed to be used by security professionals and system administrators. Ransomware takes files or the entire computer hostage and pressures the user or administrator of the device into paying a ransom to regain access to files or the system. Most security experts suggest that ransoms are not paid, as there is no guarantee that an unlock code will be provided and because it encourages further investments into attacks and code improvements.

The suggested course of actions usually involves quarantining the affected system, creating a backup image of the data, identifying the ransomware used in the attack, and eliminating the threat if removal tools are available.

Ransomware Removal Kit

ransomware removal kit

Ransomware Removal Kit helps with the removal of ransomware. Download the 270 Megabyte archive to the local system and extract it afterwards.

Tools and information are sorted into folders, and it is usually the case that you find one or multiple informational files in each folder, and a software archive containing the ransomware removal program.

Resources are provided as HTML files which you can load in any web browser. They have been saved from websites across the web and provide information about the particular ransomware type the program can remove from the system.

It is a bit unfortunate that the programs are provided as zip archives, as you will have to extract them individually in each subfolder before you can make use of them. A program like Extract Now may be of service as it can parse a directory and all its sub-folders for archives to extract them all at once.

The Ransomware Removal Kit may help you indirectly in the identification of the ransomware used in an attack as the included resources may reveal screenshots and other characteristics about it.

Still, it may be better to use a service like ID Ransomware instead which supports more than 50 different types of ransomware currently. All you need to do is upload the ransom note and/or an encrypted file to have it identified by the service provided that the ransomware is in the service’s database.

The resource files may also provide removal instructions which you need to follow.

Closing Words

Ransomware Removal Kit is a collection of resources and programs designed to remove certain types of ransomware. While it is certainly possible to create a similar collection manually, using the kit as a general starting point for your own collection may be a good idea.

All in all, a resource you may want to keep an eye on, especially if you are asked frequently or even regularly to remove ransomware from computer systems.

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