Check to See if Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phone Might Explode

OK, OK, I’ll admit it. This doesn’t have much to do with network technology, but it’s Friday, and I couldn’t resist the headline of this article.

There has been lots of talk already about the battery issue of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The faulty battery of select Galaxy Note 7 devices may explode, and several have exploded already. While some reports were exaggerated, Note exploded in the hands of a child, footage was uploaded online that showed a burning jeep which an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone allegedly ignited.

Samsung did not grasp the scope of the issue at first. The company stated at first that it would replace any device voluntarily, but switched to full damage mode later on when it decided to recall all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices.

We have identified an issue with certain Note7 battery cells. Your safety is our highest priority. Since affected Note7 batteries can overheat and pose a safety risk, if you own a Galaxy Note7, it is extremely important to stop using your device, power it down immediately and participate in the Note7 Exchange Program.

The company plans to push an update to phones additionally to that which limits the battery to 60% charge. It is unclear whether this is done to provoke users who refuse to return their phones, or if it reduces the chance of devices exploding.

Not all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices are affected by the battery issue.Samsung notes that it only applies to devices sold in the US before September 15, 2016 for instance.

While customers may exchange the Note 7 and any accessories they bought for a safe Note or another smartphone, customers can now also verify whether their Note 7 is affected by the issue at all.

Samsung published a look up form on the US Galaxy Note 7 Safety Recall website that enables you to find out whether a device is affected by the battery issue or not.

samsung galaxy note 7 battery

All that you need for that is the IMEI of the phone. You find it under Apps > Settings > About Phone or General Management > Status > IMEI if the phone is operational. You may check the back of the phone instead where you should find it listed as well.

Simply enter the IMEI and hit the check button to find out whether the battery of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not.

Samsung notes that customers may use the Samsung+ application as well to find out whether their device is affected by the issue. (via Caschy)

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