KB3189866 Stuck at 45% or 95%? Install it Manually Instead

Microsoft will most likely address this problem eventually, but in the meantime, a manual update will take care of it.

Reports are coming in that the latest cumulative update for Windows 10, KB3189866 won’t install properly when Windows Update is being used. Users who experience the issue notice that the update stalls at 45% or 95% most of the time, and that it won’t continue with the installation after that point. The usual options to resolve update issues are not helping in this case. Restarting the computer, running Microsoft’s Windows Troubleshooter, clearing the update cache, or resetting Windows update settings don’t help as the update remains stuck whenever Windows begins to download it.

While the update may eventually resume the download of the patch to the local system — some users reported that it took 30 minutes or more before that happened — another option may be more suitable to get the issue resolved quickly.

windows update stuck

You may download the cumulative update for Windows 10 from Microsoft instead to install it manually on the system.

Here are the direct download links for KB3189866

  1. 32-bit version of the update
  2. 64-bit version of the update

Make sure you download the right version of the update to your system. All that is left to do then is to run the file and wait for the installation of the update to complete.

windows update stuck kb3189866

I tested this on a Surface Pro 4 where the cumulative update was stuck at 48% since yesterday, and the update installed just fine on the device on the first try.

Please note that you need to restart the computer once after installing the update. Windows will then apply it on the next start of the system. This should not cause any issues however and should complete fine.

In case you are wondering, the cumulative update downloads and installs the security patches on the Windows 10 device that Microsoft released yesterday.

How to find direct downloads of Windows Updates

You are probably wondering how to find direct downloads for Windows Updates. You may use the Microsoft Update Catalog website for that.

Open it, type the KB string in the search form, and wait for the results to be populated. There you find listed all matching updates, and may download any you select to your local system.

Note that the Microsoft Update Catalog works only in Internet Explorer officially right now. You can use a trick however to overcome this and access the content in any web browser.

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