Tweak the Windows 10 Taskbar

The part that surprises me is that a Windows 7 taskbar management app still works on Windows 10.

You may tweak the Windows 10 taskbar to change or remove functionality using a program called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. The Windows 10 Taskbar offers nearly identical functionality as the taskbar in Windows 7. As you may know, Microsoft made several important changes to the taskbar behavior when it launched Windows 7. One primary change was the ability to pin programs and other files to the taskbar.

Programs were created shortly after the introduction of the new taskbar to customize it further. One program that did the job well was 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Initially designed for Windows 7, the program’s author updated it regularly to make sure it stayed compatible with newer versions of Windows.

Since taskbar functionality itself remained more or less identical in newer versions to that of Windows 7, most functionality that the program offered could also be made available for Windows 8 and now also Windows 10.

Tweak the Windows 10 Taskbar

tweak windows 10 taskbar

The latest version of the program is fully compatible with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update version, and previous versions of Windows 10.

You may install the program or select to run it as a portable application instead. When you run it, all customization options that it makes available are displayed on a single page.

Below is an overview of what the program supports right now in its latest version:

  • Right-click behavior: display jump lists (default), or displayed the standard window menu.
  • Middle-click behavior: open a new program instance (default), or “switch to”, “minimize” or “close”.
  • Drop program on taskbar: pin to the taskbar (default), open with.
  • Hover over icon: show thumbnail preview (default), or “list”, “show tooltip”, or do nothing.
  • Thumbnails: drag to reorder, and “left click on the active thumbnail minimizes the window”.
  • Pinned items: Remove extra gap between items, and open with double-click.
  • Grouping: Group by application ID (default), or don’t group.
  • Options for don’t group: place new items next to existing ones, don’t group pinned items, drag within/between groups using right mouse button.
  • Combining: Use taskbar settings (default), or combined grouped buttons, or “don’t combine grouped buttons”.
  • Decombine: Active group, on mouse however.
  • Left-click on combined items: open thumbnail preview (default), cycle through windows, or “open last window if inactive, otheerwise open thumbnail preview
  • Mouse Wheel behavior: Cycle between taskbar buttons and/or skip minimized windows.
  • Minimize/restore when mouse is over: taskbar buttons, thumbnails.
  • Control volume when mouse is over: taskbar, notification area.
  • Double-click/middle-click on empty space: do nothing (default), perform various actions such as opening task manager, Ctrl-Alt-Tab, Toggle mute, show desktop.
  • Other options: hide the start button, hide the “show desktop” button”, “display seconds on the tray clock”, reserve empty space on taskbar.

As you can see, there is a lot to customize when it comes to the program. You may use it to disable the jump list feature for instance, change middle click behavior to close instead of open new instance, or disable the displaying of thumbnails when you hover over open programs in the taskbar.

Closing Words

7+ Taskbar Tweaker is a handy program for all versions of Windows starting with Windows 7. It is fully compatible with the most recent release version of Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest operating system.

If you want to tweak the Windows 10 taskbar, this is the program that you may want to try first for that purpose.

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