Disable Nvidia Telemetry Tracking on Windows

Privacy Protection is a never-ending task; there’s always some new threat on the horizon to deal with.

Telemetry — read tracking — seems to be everywhere these days. Microsoft pushes it on Windows, and web and software companies use it as well. While there is certainly some benefit to it on a larger scale, as it may enable these companies to identify broader issues, it is undesirable from a user perspective. Part of that comes from the fact that companies fail to disclose what is being collected and how data is stored and handled once it leaves the user system.

In the case of Nvidia, Telemetry gets installed alongside the driver package. While you may — and should — customize the installation of the Nvidia driver so that only the bits that you require are installed, there is no option to disable the Telemetry components from being installed. These do get installed even if you only install the graphics driver itself in the custom installation dialog.

Disable Nvidia Telemetry tracking on Windows

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Most users who use PCs with Nvidia video cards probably don’t even know that they are tracked by the software. The Nvidia telemetry service runs in the background on user log on, and additionally once a day.

As is the case with these kind of tracking services, there is little information found on the data that it collects. Update: Click on this link for a sample data set.

nvidia tracking

You can check the Windows Task Scheduler to list all third-party tasks that run on the system. To do so, tap on the Windows-key, type Task Scheduler, and select Task Scheduler from the list of results.

There you find listed a total of six Nvidia tasks of which three are Telemetry tasks:

  • NvTmMon — Nvidia Telemetry Monitor — runs C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvTmMon.exe
  • NvTmRep — Nvidia crash and Telemetry Reporter — runs C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvTmRep.exe
  • NvTmRepOnLogon — Nvidia Profile Updater — runs C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvTmRep.exe –logon

The three other Nvidia tasks you find there are:

  • NvNodeLauncher — NVIDIA NvNode Launcher — C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvNode\nvnodejslauncher.exe
  • NvProfileUpdaterDaily — NVIDIA Profile Updater — C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvProfileUpdater64.exe
  • NvProfileUpdaterOnLogon — NVIDIA Profile Updater — C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvProfileUpdater64.exe

Disable Nvidia Telemetry

Disabling the Nvidia Telemetry tasks has no ill-effect on the system. The video card works exactly as before and you can use all of the features that it supports.

disable nvidia telemetry

Simply right-click on one of the Nvidia Telemetry tasks in the Task Scheduler, and select the “disable” option from the context menu.

This blocks the tasks from being run. Repeat the process for the two remaining Telemetry tasks, and any other tasks that you spot there that you may not require.

Note: These tasks may be re-enabled when you update or Nvidia drivers (for instance after completely removing the drivers). It is suggested therefore to always check the Task Scheduler after Nvidia driver updates to make sure these tasks are not enabled again.

You can use third-party software like the excellent Autoruns as well to manage these telemetry tasks. Simply run the program and switch to the Scheduled Tasks tab when it opens to manage all tasks scheduled on the system. There you find listed the same Nvidia tasks which you can delete or disable. (via MajorGeeks)

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