Key Opera Software Employees quit

When one key employee quits, that’s a sign of trouble ahead. When four key employees quit, that’s a sign of a disaster in progress.

If you are following members of Opera Software’s Developer Relations team on Twitter or elsewhere, you may have noticed that most announced that they left the company recently or are about to leave it. Bruce Lawson, Andreas Bovens, Shwetank Dixit and Vadim Makeev all announced in the past couple of days that they have parted ways with Opera Software or are about to.

In fact, the only DevReal member left standing is Mathias Bynens who joined Opera Software in January 2014.

  • Bruce Lawson was Opera Software’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer and worked at the company since 2008.
  • Andreas Bovens was Opera Software’s Android Product Manager and Dev Relations Lead. He worked at the company since 2007.
  • Shwetank Dixit was Opera Software’s Extensions Program Manager and Web Evangelist. He worked at Opera since 2007.
  • Vadim Makeev worked as a Web Evangelist at Opera Software since 2009.

Opera Software’s DevRel Team quits

opera software leaving

Are there any indicators why the team left? Three of the four posted the information on Twitter. They did not reveal why they are leaving or left Opera Software, only that they did and that they are looking for new job opportunities.

This, and the fact that they have all quit at around the same time, suggests that the decisions have been recent and not planned for a long time.

There was one major change recently, the acquisition of Opera Software’s browser and Opera Max by a Chinese consortium.

Bruce Lawson more of less confirms that the acquisition has something to do with him leaving the company in a blog post on his personal blog.

After Opera’s consumer products (browsers and Opera Max) were taken over by a Chinese consortium on 4 November, Opera and I are parting ways by mutual agreement. I’m no longer a representative or spokesman for Opera products, or the Opera brand.

It seems likely that the other team members of Opera’s DevRel team based their decision on that as well but this has not been confirmed by the team members leaving or by Opera Software.

All quitting team members are looking for new jobs. All four are highly experienced with lots of expertise and knowledge. While there should be plenty of opportunities for each of them, it would not be much of a surprise if they ended up working for another “web browser” producing company.

Which company that could be? Microsoft for one. The company tries to stay in the game with its Edge browser, and while it certainly has good developers, adding one or multiple experienced members to the team should certainly give it a boost.

Mozilla would probably be the better fit for the team members, but it is unclear right now whether there are any openings there.

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