Malwarebytes Releases Another Beta to Fix Malwarebytes 3 issues

It’s starting to sound like they may have rolled out Malwarebytes 3 a bit too early; it doesn’t exactly boost user confidence to release a security program with this many bugs.

Security company Malwarebytes has released another beta version for its flagship product Malwarebytes 3 to fix long-standing issues in the program. Malwarebytes 3, a new product born out of the ashes of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, and Anti-Ransomware, has been plagued by bugs ever since its release.

As a Malwarebytes user myself, I have been plagued with issues ever since I updated the software to version 3. Probably the biggest issue that I experienced was that some protection modules failed to turn on at times.

This resulted in Windows and Malwarebytes pushing notifications on the desktop in regular intervals that the protection was not enabled. I had to disable those annoying security messages on a Windows 10 machine, as they stole focus regularly.

malwarebytes update

Malwarebytes released several new versions and patches for Malwarebytes 3 ever since the release. We covered three of them here. While they may have resolved one or the other issue that users experienced while running the software, they did not address the issue that I faced since the upgrade of the security software.

A new beta update released this weekend promises to do away with that particular issue. The very first entry of the change log reads ” Fixed issue where┬áreal-time protection modules do not enable correctly”.

It needs to be noted that this is a beta release. It is not designed for production environments. Also, users are asked not to install the update on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, and to do a clean install. This means removing the installed version of Malwarebytes 3 first before installing the new version.

As far as other fixes are concerned, there are plenty as well according to the changelog:

  • Fixed Bad Pool Header BSOD while web browsing (in majority of cases)
  • Fixed issue that could cause user to have to login with a temporary profile instead of their standard user profile
  • Additional enhancements to improve memory usage
  • Fixed issue where 3.0.5 could revert to version 3.0.0 in certain conditions
  • Fixed numerous crashes, including service crashes
  • Addressed several vulnerabilities
  • The Web Protection block page now redirects to
  • Fixed issue where Web Protection would not re-enable properly after booting back from minimal safe mode on Vista
  • Numerous enhancements to overall protection and remediation

Malwarebytes will push out a stable version update eventually that will patch the issues in that version as well on user systems. A release date has not been mentioned yet though.

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