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Reboot Remote Network Elements with a Power Reboot Switch

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

When a router or switch at a remote network equipment site crashes or becomes unresponsive, in many cases, all it takes to fix the problem is a simple power reboot. While this is a simple proposition if the network element is located in the office next door, it can be quite a dilemma if the unresponsive network element is located miles away from the office, and even more so if the problematic device makes normal network communication impossible. In cases like this a Power Reboot Switch provides a reliable, easy way to reboot network elements at remote equipment sites.


How Facebook Fixed the Site – They Turned It Off and On Again

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Surprisingly, there are a lot of different computer problems that can be solved by a simple reboot … that’s why switched PDU units and remote power reboot switches are such a vital part of most network equipment racks these days …

An unusual database problem at the giant social networking site could only be cured by taking the sort of action you normally take with a misbehaving PC