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Using Bash Shell Script to Automate Product Test Lab Applications

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

During product development, new products are often subjected to a range of tests in order to detect potential hardware flaws and software bugs. These tests can require days or weeks to complete and the nature of the test is often extremely repetitive as the same action is repeated many times over. Repetitive power reboot regression testing provides a good example of a typical product development lab test. In order to streamline this type of repetitive testing, Bash Shell Script can be used to automate the test process.


Controlling a Switched PDU with Bash Shell Script

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

In product development applications, repetitive reboot testing is often used to detect product flaws before the product is released to market. In most cases, this sort of testing involves using a switched PDU to continually reboot the test product, while checking for any error messages and status reports that are generated after each reboot. Since this sort of testing can involve thousands of reboot cycles, it is often helpful to be able to control the switched PDU using Bash Shell Script.