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Security and Authentication for Remote Power Switch Applications

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

A remote power switch can provide a network administrators with a valuable tool for switching, metering and rebooting power to remote network equipment; often allowing administrators to deal with problems at remote equipment sites without the need to travel to the site in person. But in order for a remote power switch to be truly useful, it must also support adequate security and authentication measures in order to protect power control and reboot functions from unauthorized use.


Your Remote Power Switch Might Be Able to Do More than You Imagined

Friday, November 18th, 2011

When a vital network device at an off-site data center suddenly locks up and refuses to communicate, most network administrators rely on a remote power switch to reboot the uncooperative network device and restore communication without the need for a service call. This capability can prove extremely valuable in any network application that includes communication with important network elements located in remote equipment racks. But in addition to allowing administrators to reboot remote network devices, a remote power switch can also offer other capabilities that help to minimize network downtime and simplify the process of managing off-site network equipment.


A Quality Remote Power Switch Can do a Lot More than Just Remote Reboots

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Most network administrators are fairly familiar with the concept of using a remote power switch to initiate a reboot cycle at a remote network equipment rack. Although the remote reboot capabilities provided by a remote power switch can be a lifesaver when a vital network element at a remote site suddenly locks up, a high quality remote reboot switch can usually do a heck of a lot more than just cycle power Off and back On again; a full-featured remote power switch should also be able to keep you informed about noteworthy conditions and events at off-site data centers and remote network equipment racks.


There are Two Ways to Reboot Remote Network Devices – The Hard Way and the Easy Way

Friday, September 9th, 2011

When managing vital network devices located at remote data centers and offsite equipment cabinets, even simple tasks can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Often even routine remedies for common network problems, such as power reboot operations, can take on a whole different dimension due to the remote location of the network equipment site, and the amount of time and trouble that it takes to travel to the site in person. A simple power reboot, that might take two minutes to accomplish on a server or router located at your office, can require days when the server or router is located miles from the central office, at a distant network equipment site or offsite data center.


A Remote Power Switch Should do More than Simple Reboot Operations

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Most network administrators already know that a remote power switch ( can be used to control power reboot and switching functions at remote network equipment sites, but sometimes, administrators need more functionality than simple remote power reboots. A well designed, full featured remote power switch should be able to do more than just provide remote reboot and power control capabilities; a good remote power switch should also be able to monitor rack temperature, current consumption, power supply instability and other factors at remote network equipment installation sites.


A Remote Power Switch Can Save Both Time and Money

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

When a critical network device in a remote equipment rack suddenly locks up and takes your network with it, in many cases, a simple power reboot is enough to get the troublesome network device up and running again. In a case like this, one solution would be to send a service team out to the remote equipment rack to reboot the malfunctioning device in person, but the only problem with that approach, is that it takes time to travel to the remote equipment rack, and when your network is down, often your entire business grinds to a halt. A better solution to this type of problem is to make sure that remote network equipment racks include a remote power switch, that allows network administrators to reboot critical network devices at the remote site without the expense an delays associated with a service call.


A Remote Power Switch Simplifies the Task of Managing Remote Network Elements

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Sometimes, all it takes to get a malfunctioning network element up and running again is a simple power reboot. Although it’s pretty easy to reboot a network device if it’s located in a data center next door to your office, it can be completely different matter to reboot a hung router or afflicted firewall if they’re located miles away from the office at a distant, off-site data center. Rebooting network devices at remote equipment racks can indeed be a challenge sometimes, but if you’ve got a remote power switch installed at that distant data center, then rebooting devices can be as easy as invoking a command or clicking on a button.