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Diagnosing a Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Here’s a nice synopsis that explains how to figure out what the Blue Screen of Death is trying to tell you …

For many years now the famous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) has been the ultimate indication that something disastrous has happened to make your computer die, but how useful is the information in the BSoD and the respective crash dump file that Windows produces?


Find Out Your Microsoft’s Product Support Lifecycle

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Here’s a helpful resource for Microsoft users …

One of the aspects of buying a specific product online or offline is that product’s support lifecycle. The support lifecycle in plain terms refers to the time the developer or manufacturer of the product supports it with updates and staff to help users in support related tasks. It is on the other hand not as if the product will stop working from one day to the other. The core issue here is that updates, and most importantly security updates, will no longer be produced for that product version.


Firefox Preloader – Start Firefox Faster

Monday, September 12th, 2011

If Firefox starts too slow on your system, you might want to try this out …

The start up time of the Firefox web browser ranges from almost instantly to half a minute or even more on some systems. This disparity stems from different hardware configurations, installed add-ons, session restore and other Firefox configuration settings. Add-ons for example can increase the start up of Firefox significantly. Firefox loads slower as well if many tabs need to be restored from the last browsing session.


How to Add Keyboard Languages to Windows 7

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Here’s an interesting trick for Windows users who need to type foreign language characters …

If you have to use different languages in Windows 7, it comes with a preinstalled variety of different language viewing options. This can be done with XP, but this will require installation of additional files. What follows is for Windows 7, but the same steps will work with Vista. Windows 7 and Vista do not require additional file installations. Feel free to add them if you want to do so. This is only for adding input languages, allowing for typing in the language selected. Your user interface language will remain unchanged.


Disabling Microsoft SpyNet in Windows7

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This looks like a helpful tip for those who are concerned with online privacy …

When Microsoft Security Essentials is installed on a computer with Windows 7, you automatically become a member of the Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Defender community and grant Microsoft the ability to automatically collaborate with the your computer through Microsoft SpyNet. It immediately creates a user membership which automatically tracks your activities and various threats that attack your computer. This enables SpyNet to get information about the actions taken to avoid becoming infected or for the removal of the malware.


Replace Firefox’s Right-Click Search Engine

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Here’s a cool-yet-simple trick for Firefox users …

When you select text in the Firefox web browser and right-click afterwards, you get a custom context menu with options to search Google for the selected term. That option can be quite handy to quickly find information about text on a website without having to type the text in a search form, or having to copy and paste it.


How to Search Multiple PDF Documents at Once

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Here’s a useful trick …

Most pdf readers provide you with a built-in search to find words or phrases in the active pdf document. But what if you want to search for a specific text or phrase in multiple documents? Sure, you could make use of Windows Search or another desktop search application to find what you are looking for; Or, you could use the advanced search capabilities of Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to search multiple pdfs at once.


Adobe Security Updates for Flash, Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

If you use Adobe Flash, Reader or Acrobat, you should probably check this out …

Adobe has released updates for their popular Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat applications. The updates address a critical security vulnerability that was discoveredearlier this month.


Turn Web Pages into PDF Documents

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I haven’t tried this particular program myself, but the ability to distill a web page into PDF format does come in handy. That said though, there are a lot of different ways to transform a web page into a PDF document …

You sometimes may want to save a web page, either for archiving or reference purposes, or because you like to read the page on another device or at a time without Internet connection. While it is possible to save web pages as HTML files it is often considered to be a weak option, as you will end up with lots of different files and not a single document.

A pdf document on the other hand includes everything, which makes it easier to transfer it to other devices or send it to work colleagues or friends.


Geek Squad Will Power on Your e-Reader for Only $29.99

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

In other news, those extended warranties are practically useless too …

Best Buy E-Book Setup

Let’s ignore Best Buy’s murfing and endless violations of privacy for the moment, and focus on the “deals” it brazenly offers without resorting to tricks or scams (sort of). First, it was $130 to set up a PS3, a task that even our parents could handle. Then, the company generously gave away free copies of Tweetdeck, which is already free. And recently, an eagle-eyed shopper noticed that Best Buy’s “hot deals” were actually priced higher than the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. After all that, the boys in blue (and yellow) had the audacity to ask you to let them install ‘Red Dead Redemption’ for you.