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Restoring Wireless Communication in Healthcare Applications

Friday, November 14th, 2014

In healthcare applications, wireless communication plays a crucial role in collecting data from mobile devices such as patient monitoring devices and ensuring that caregivers have direct access to vital diagnostic tools, patient data bases and other services. Although a wireless communication system can easily provide mobile access to all of these important services and capabilities, wireless communication does have one troublesome weakness: routine snafus such as packet mix-ups can often cause your wireless controller to crash, taking down several wireless access points with it. A simple power reboot will usually restore troublesome wireless controllers to normal operation, but the task of locating the correct wireless controller and manually rebooting the controller can be both time consuming and confusing. Fortunately, WTI’s VMR Series Outlet Metered PDUs can provide a secure, effective means for rebooting wireless controllers such as Cisco’s 5508 in wireless healthcare applications.