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0-Day Internet Explorer Vulnerability Patch Ships Today … Even for XP

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

It’s not too surprising that Microsoft has acted quickly to address the 0-day vulnerability in IE … it is kind of surprising that the patch also covers XP, a platform that Microsoft recently ceased to support.

You may have read about the latest detected 0-day vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that is affecting all versions of the browser regardless of operating system. If not, read this post that explains how you can protect your version of Internet Explorer so that the vulnerability cannot exploited on your system. Many news sites stated that this would be the first vulnerability that would not be fixed anymore for Windows XP after support of the operating system ended earlier this month.


What You can do Against Internet Explorer’s Latest 0-Day Vulnerability (April 2014)

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Here’s a brief article that sums up some preventative steps that one can take in order to deal with a recently discovered security problem that plagues IE …

Microsoft released a security advisory on Saturday that offers information about a recently disclosed vulnerability affecting all versions of the company’s web browser Internet Explorer. Microsoft is aware of limited attacks targeting Internet Explorer, and that a successful exploit of it allows remote code execution on the affected system. According to the information, users need to visit a malicious website for that to happen, which usually happens when users click on links in emails, but also other websites that link to the exploit pages directly.