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Why Webmasters Should Analyze their 404 Error Log

Friday, March 16th, 2012

This is pretty basic and most webmasters are probably already aware of this, but it’s still a good suggestion none-the-less …

When you load a website in your browser, a lot happens in the background to render and display that website to you. Your computer makes a number of requests, one for each file that is somehow linked on the site. This can be images or multimedia contents for instance. Whenever a file cannot be retrieved because it does not exist, a 404 not found error is created for that file in the log. This may not affect the person loading the website, but it very well may provide the webmaster with information that something is not working correctly.


Your ISP And Your Router Want To Hit You With Redirection Ads – Users note that Cisco ‘feature’ still annoys…

Friday, May 21st, 2010

If you’ve been getting redirected to a lot of strange, ad-filled pages lately, this might explain why …

Of course the majority of large ISPs now engage in DNS redirection advertisement, which creates a new revenue stream for ISPs by redirecting users to an ad-laden search portal instead of a 404 when they enter a misspelled or nonexistent URL. Now users in our Linksys forum note that some Linksys-branded routers are hijacking user 404s and redirecting users to a Yahoo ad portal before their ISP even gets the chance. Fortunately it looks like the “feature” can be disabled, only comes in certain models — and of course you can always install third-party custom firmware — which often provides more functionality anyway. Update: Or not. User uid://1458205 writes in annoyed: