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Adblock for Chrome Sold, Joins Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads Program

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Dang! Now I’ve got to find another ad blocking program …

Ad blocking is becoming a business. While there are still many extensions out there that are not monetized at all or only slightly, for instance by accepting donations, it is clear that there is a drive towards making adblocking profitable for companies involved. The two major monetization options up until now were donations and direct payments for a software license. Adblock Plus introduced its Acceptable Ads program to the list which lets some ads through on select sites or by select companies and by default if those ads meet certain standards.


Pale Moon blocks Adblock Plus

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Sometimes, the “it is what it is” philosophy can truly be a deal breaker.

Users of the Pale Moon web browser who try to install the popular adblocking extension Adblock Plus won’t be able to do so anymore as it was added to the blocklist by the Pale Moon team. Pale Moon users who have it installed may have noticed that it is no longer enabled either.


Firefox 41 Ships with Massive Memory Improvements for Adblock Plus

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

This is good news even if you’re not an Adblock Plus user. The previous version of Firefox was sorely in need of memory improvements

Version 41 of the Firefox web browser ships with memory improvements that benefit all users of the browser but Adblock Plus users especially. When Mozilla ran memory tests against a set of popular Firefox add-ons recently it noticed that the popular extension Adblock Plus was adding an average of 60-70 Megabytes to the browser’s memory usage.


How to Deal with Cookie Notices on Websites Automatically

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Cookie notices aren’t an issue for internet users in the United States, but European internet users might find this tip helpful.

Cookie use notifications on websites is a very annoying thing on the Internet for a number of reasons. These notifications are displayed on many websites to citizens from the European Union and state, basically, that the site they are visiting is using cookies. Designed to inform citizens about cookie use on sites they visit, these messages become annoying quickly.


Fix Add-ons Not Working in Firefox 35

Friday, January 16th, 2015

If the recent update to Firefox 35 has knocked any of your add-ons out of commission, you might want to try this fix …

Firefox 35 has been pushed to the Stable channel recently by Mozilla and while the majority of users did not notice any incompatibilities or issues, some users noticed that one or multiple of installed browser add-ons stopped working suddenly.


uBlock for Chrome is a Resource-Friendly Adblocker by the HTTP Switchboard Author

Friday, June 27th, 2014

If you’ve had problems with Adblock Plus or HTTP Switchboard slowing down your system, then you might want to give uBlock a try …

Adblockers have become essential tools for many users on the Internet. As a user, I can understand the necessity of blocking distracting or heavy advertisement on the Internet as it can be really annoying.


Firefox Using Lots of Memory? Adblock Plus May be the Reason

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

If you use Adblock Plus with Firefox, and you’ve noticed that Firefox is running kind of slow, you might want to check this out …

Mozilla has improved Firefox’s memory usage significantly in recent time. Many Internet users still think that Firefox is using a lot of memory, but if you compare actual memory usage between different browsers, you will notice that Firefox’s memory handling is excellent. That does not mean that you may not see spikes in memory usage even if you open the same websites as someone else. One of the reasons for this discrepancy in memory usage are add-ons.


How to Configure Adblock Plus’ Malware, Social Media Button and Tracking Blocking

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Almost everyone knows that Adblock can help eliminate ads from the web pages you visit … but it can also do more.

Adblock Plus is without doubt one of the most popular ad blocking tools on today’s Internet. It is available for browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, as well as mobile devices and does a solid job at getting rid of many of the ads that you are exposed to normally on the Internet.


Google Independent Adblock Plus for Android Released

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Frustrated by the the fact that Google Play Store has dropped Adblock Plus? Well, here’s a solution …

Less than a week ago Google started to block ad blocker apps from its Play Store. Ad blockers are used for a variety of purposes on mobile devices, including blocking advertisement in apps but also when users browse the Internet using their mobile devices. Popular apps such as Adblock Plus or AdAway were removed over night from the store and developers were informed about the fact by email.  Google let the developers know that their apps were not in line with section 4.4 of the developer distribution agreement that listed prohibited actions.


Google Bans Ad Blockers from its Play Store

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Not too surprising when you consider the fact that most of Google’s revenue comes from ad sales …

After retiring Google Reader, a highly unpopular move by the reactions on the Internet, Google made another move that is infuriating part of the company’s user base. According to first hand sources, Google started to ban ad blockers from its Play Store. What this means is that ad blockers like Adblock Plus, AdAway or Ad Blocker are not available anymore on Google Play.