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Adobe Releases Flash Player 11, Air 3

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I guess this explains why Adobe has been nagging me to download an update every time I restart my PC …

Adobe software today has released the final versions of Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3. Probably the biggest feature of Flash Player 11 is hardware accelerated graphics rendering support through Stage 3D. Adobe states that the new technology improves rendering times by a factor of up to a 1000 times over Flash Player 10. This new rendering speed allows for “console-quality” games on the Flash platform, according to Adobe who published two sample videos that demonstrate the capabilities of the new version of Flash.


Codeburner – HTML and CSS Reference

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Here’s a handy resource for anybody who’s involved in web development …

Even the most experienced web developer has to look up HTML properties and CSS elements from time to time. Several websites like the official W3C website offer references online, and some web development tools have references integrated in the app.

Codeburner, a free tool for the two web browsers Firefox and Opera, the Mac OS X operating system and Adobe Air offers another option. The web development reference offers quick lookups of HTML properties and CSS elements. Depending on the version installed, it looks slightly different.


Microsoft, Adobe, Release Massive Amount Of Security Patches

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Speaking of Microsoft security patches …

Today is the second Tuesday of the month and that means it is Microsoft Patch Day. Microsoft is keeping a tight schedule when it comes to security patches. If they are not heavily exploited or very critical they are released on the second Tuesday of each month. Today’s patch day is already available via the official channels including Windows Update and Microsoft Downloads.