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Apple’s Bumper Case Improves Antenna Performance

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I wonder if a bumper case would improve reception on other cell phones too?

After the Antennagate affair of a few months ago where it was revealed that if you held the new iPhone 4 a certain way the signal would drop out, and the resulting storm that hit the international media when Apple supremo Steve Jobs reported sent an angry customer an email telling him not to hold it that way, it would appear that the free bumpers Apple has shipped to consumers are having quite the opposite effect for the handsets.


BlackBerry maker angry at Apple claims over signal reception

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Remember the good old days, when manufacturers would simply fix problems with their products instead of resorting to childish excuses like, “Hey that other guy was doing it too”?

Chief executives at loggerheads over claims over smartphone reception hassles

RIM, maker of the BlackBerry brand, has responded angrily to Apple’s claims that “all smartphones” suffer from problems with reception due to antenna placement – and especially to Apple’s mention of the BlackBerry brand in its Friday press conference responding to problems with the iPhone 4.


Is Apple Getting Ready for a Full Recall of the iPhone 4?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

It’s amazing that Apple didn’t notice the antenna problem before they released the product …

Apparently, Apple is hosting a press conference tomorrow. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what it is about — the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems. And from the looks for it, the company is likely to say that the company has figured out a fix for the problems, or something to that effect. Whether the company will issue an official recall or simply provide free bumpers to iPhone 4 customers remains to be seen.


iPhone 4 users turn to nail polish

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Here’s a novel approach to dealing with the new iPhone’s reception problems …

Owners of Apple’s latest phone are resorting to a bit of duct tape or a dab of nail polish to solve its reception problems

Want to know the must-have item for owners of the new iPhone 4? A bit of duct tape – or a dab of nail polish.

The reason: despite Steve Jobs’s describing the positioning of the antennae which pick up the mobile signal on the outside of the phone, rather than the inside, as “brilliant engineering”, a number of users have discovered that if it is held from the bottom, the signal strength drops off dramatically – because their skin changes the electrical properties of the antennae.