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Mozilla and Samsung Announce Cooperation to Build New Browser Engine

Friday, April 5th, 2013

This is kind of an interesting development … the more browser engine alternatives that are out there, the better.

With Opera joining Google and Apple to use Webkit as the core engine of its browser, the number of major engines dropped from four to three. Only Microsoft with its Internet Explorer and Mozilla with Firefox are maintaining their own engine. Microsoft should not have any issues financing development of the engine and neither should Google, but Mozilla, a non-profit organization, depends much on the money it earns by selling the default search engine provider spot of the browser to Google.


Get the First Preview Build of IE10 Today

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Man, the dust has barely settled on IE9 and Microsoft is already rolling out IE10. Are they trying to hit version 11 by the end of the year, just to keep up with Firefox?

Nope, this isn’t a belated April fool, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser only just out of the door and not even delivered to many users yet through Windows Update, the first platform preview of their next version, IE10 is already available to grab at the Microsoft IE Test Drive website.


Windows 8 Demo Likely on Today’s CES 2011 Keynote

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Get ready; here comes Windows 8 already …

Windows 8; That’s the unofficial name of Microsoft’s next operating system. It is not clear yet if Microsoft will keep the name or get a vistaesque name instead. It would make sense to keep the name considering the favorable reviews that Windows 7 gets, and that the whole world is already using Windows 8 to refer to the next version of Windows.


Technology Companies Bubble Up Again After the Dotcom Bust

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

This certainly sounds like good news for people like you and I, who work in the tech industry …

FTSE Techmark index of technology companies reaches highest point since 2001 as takeover fever increases

For years, technology was one of the least glamorous sectors of the stock market, but now it’s back in style. The Techmark index, which tracks the stock prices of 88 hi-tech British companies, is up 40% in two years, and at its highest point since 2001.