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How to Stop Auto Playing Videos

Friday, May 6th, 2016

In the larger scheme of things, auto-playing videos are generally a rather minor annoyance … but it’s still cool to know how to stop them.

Many sites throughout the Internet play videos automatically when you visit them. This can be video content that is published on the site or in form of advertisement displayed on the site. In the case of advertisement, most sites mute these videos by default but some are pushing it and turn on audio as well. Most web browsers ship with muting functionality to counter these without you having to hunt the tab where the sound is coming from these days, but muting won’t stop the video from playing.


How to Disable Auto-Play Videos on Facebook

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Interesting … now if they could only tell me how to disable auto-play videos on news sites.

Facebook introduced a new form of advertisement recently on the site. While it is not enabled for all users yet, it is enabled for you if you have noticed auto-playing videos in your feed recently. According to Facebook, videosĀ  from individuals, some pages, and Summit Entertainment’s content for Divergent start to auto-play on the site at this point in time.