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Archival Disc with 300 GB Capacity to Launch in 2015

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

It will be interesting to see how much these archival disks costs … and how long they will last.

Current optical disc formats are less than ideal for archiving or backup purposes due to space constraints. It is often not possible to back up your root partition to a single disc, and while it is possible to span the archive on multiple discs, it not only is inconvenient but also increases the chance of data failure. Internal or external hard drives on the other hand offer Terabytes of space, which usually is enough to back up whatever you want to archive.


EFF Starts Operation Mega Retrieval

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

File this story under, “Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater” … the recording industry’s war against file sharing has apparently harmed many who were doing nothing illegal.

When the Megaupload servers were taken down, no one bothered to distinguish legitimate data from data that infringed on the copyright of others. Users who had been using Megaupload as a host for their own files were now in a position where they were denied access to those files, even though they were in many cases completely legal. It was even worse for some users who had no access to local backups of the data. With the take down of Megaupload, access to those files was no longer available.


Backing Up and Restoring Windows Drivers

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Here’s a neat trick … which you might want to consider using before running that program that eliminates allegedly obsolete drivers.

The hardware driver support in Windows 7 is just fantastic, especially with consumer hardware with more and more companies submitting their drivers for official certification from Microsoft than ever before.  This not only means driver support on the Windows 7 installation DVD, but also through Windows Update.  You can still find computers however for which the driver support is lacking, my own laptop, the Dell M6600 is a great example of this where the drivers for the graphics (both internal Intel and nVidia), USB3, biometrics, touch-panel, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and SD Card reader are not installed automatically by Windows, nor by Windows Update.  Each one requires a driver download from the Dell website (which is annoying!)


Cloning a Windows Hard Drive

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Here’s a cool trick …

After having had to install Windows, Office and his work software several times due to hardware problems, Andrew Whitehouse wonders if it would be simpler just to clone his laptop’s hard drive


EASEUS Todo Backup Home 2.0

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I haven’t tried this myself, but it sounds like a handy program for quick back-ups …

Backups should play an important role in a user’s or company’s disaster recovery strategy as it may only be possible to recover data from a – preferably remote – backup. Why are backups so important? Think about a hard drive crash that leaves the data on the disk unrecoverable, or a theft of a laptop or PC. Without backup the data is gone for good.


EU to Fund 16m Euro Research Project into Cloud Storage

Monday, November 15th, 2010

There certainly is a lot of money being thrown at cloud computing these days …

The technology we use every day is move ever more relentlessly towards the cloud.  This isn’t a new concept, it’s been around since the birth of Hotmail and other similar webmail services.


Pros and cons of replication and tape for data protection

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Some day soon, tape backups will go the way of the 3.5″ floppy disc …

One of the most responsible points of system administration is being able to recover data. IT pro Rick Vanover mulls the decision of protection exclusively via replication or rely on the venerable tape device for small and medium businesses.


Offloading to tape is a data protection strategy that does its purpose well, but can surely be made better in today’s IT landscape. There are good things about tape, such as its ease of transport, low cost, and the relative safety of accidental deletion. On the other hand, the critiques of tape are in no shortage. Tape can have reliability errors that mysteriously only seem to happen on a restore as well as occasionally falling off of a truck. For the small and medium business, these are important factors as alternatives are limited.