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DNS Benchmark, Speed Test DNS Servers

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Keep in mind that this is freeware, but it still looks like a useful tool for website managers …

One of the areas that a lot of computer users do not bother to optimize is the domain name server (DNS) of their Internet connection. A mediocre DNS not only slows down the connection speed on websites and Internet servers in general, but can also be the cause for connection issues and even censorship.


Auslogics Benchtown, Windows Benchmark Software

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Here’s a useful tool for those who are into tweaking their PC in order to maximize performance …

One of the main purposes of computer benchmarks is to compare different systems, hardware devices or system configurations with each other. It can be interesting for over- or underclockers for instance to test the performance under specific parameters and settings, for users who purchase a new video card to to test the performance of the new and old card on the same computer system and for companies and organizations to find out which of their systems is best suited for a specific job or upgrade.


Web Browser Benchmark Results Comparison

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

These web browser comparison tests are always kind of interesting; it seems like just about every browser that was compared has both strengths and weaknesses …

I compared web browser benchmark results back in 2008. Illustrious browsers such as Google Chrome 1, Firefox 3.1, Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 or Opera 10 alpha were tested and compared. The results from back then are history, with the majority of tested web browser versions no longer available. Google for instance has recently released version 12 of the Chrome browser, Mozilla is closing in on Firefox 4 (which will apparently be released on March 22), Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 9 and Opera the first beta of Opera 11.10.