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iPad Halves Laptop Sales

Friday, September 17th, 2010

The slow economy might have something to do with this too; iPads are generally cheaper than desktops.

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn has said that the iPad has halved sales of laptops at the popular store in an interview with the Wall St Journal.  As a result shoppers at the chain will find more tablets, e-readers and smartphones in stores and fewer desktop PCs.


Geek Squad Will Power on Your e-Reader for Only $29.99

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

In other news, those extended warranties are practically useless too …

Best Buy E-Book Setup

Let’s ignore Best Buy’s murfing and endless violations of privacy for the moment, and focus on the “deals” it brazenly offers without resorting to tricks or scams (sort of). First, it was $130 to set up a PS3, a task that even our parents could handle. Then, the company generously gave away free copies of Tweetdeck, which is already free. And recently, an eagle-eyed shopper noticed that Best Buy’s “hot deals” were actually priced higher than the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. After all that, the boys in blue (and yellow) had the audacity to ask you to let them install ‘Red Dead Redemption’ for you.