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MuteTab for Chrome gets Blacklist Feature

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Advertisers who rely on audio to get their message across are really gonna hate this feature …

MuteTab introduced options to mute audio playing in Chrome before Google integrated native audio controls into the browser. The extension placed an icon on Chrome’s main address bar that you could click on to display all noise making tabs in the browser, and to control the flow of audio.


How to Block Calls, SMS, MMS and Private Numbers on Android

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Here’s an interesting app that can help to cut down on the amount of junk calls that you receive on your Android phone … the Scheduling feature sounds particularly useful.

It is not that difficult to ignore incoming calls or messages on your phone. While that is the case, there may be situations where you may receive a lot of calls or SMS from a single person or group of people. It is still possible to ignore those for the most part but it may require more work on your part. Since you do not know in advance if the message or call is important, you have to check your phone every time you receive one to make sure it is not.


JavaScript Popup Blocker for Google Chrome

Monday, May 14th, 2012

In spite of other convenient features, Chrome does seem to fall a bit short when it comes to blocking pop-ups … but here’s a cool extension that will take care of that problem.

Popups, I do not like them, at all. While they are sometimes used by sites to make part of the website’s functionality available, they are more often than not used for advertisement. And while there is nothing wrong with advertising in general, popup ads tend to be one of the most annoying forms of advertisement that you encounter on the Internet.