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WordPress 3.02 Security Update Released

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Here’s a heads-up for WordPress users …

The WordPress developers have just released a security update to the popular blogging platform. WordPress admins should see the update notification in the admin interface. To install the WordPress update they can either download it manually from the WordPress website, upload it to their ftp and perform the necessary steps to update the platform or perform a direct update from within WordPress.


Microsoft Shuts Down Windows Live Spaces – Migrates to WordPress

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I’m kind of surprised that Microsoft couldn’t make a blog hosting service more profitable; I guess there’s just too much competition in the blog-o-sphere these days.

A rough time lies ahead of the 30 million or so Windows Live Spaces customers who operate their own web blog at the Microsoft owned service. Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta revealed that Microsoft teamed up with Automattic, the parent company of the popular blogging platform WordPress, to migrate Live Spaces users to WordPress.


WordPress 3.01 Released, Update Now

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Here’s something for the bloggers to consider …

Nothing’s more refreshing than receiving a notification of a WordPress update the minute before going to bed. WordPress updates are serious, most of the time. Not updating the blog immediately could leave it open for exploits, and malicious users could do many bad things with that new found power.

WordPress 3.01 has been released a few minutes ago. The update is maintenance related, according to the blog post over at the official WordPress website. The new version fixes 50 minor issues in the blogging platform. The only – somewhat – security / privacy related issue that was fixed was a bug that allowed logged in users to view trashed articles of other users.


Reports of bloggings death have been greatly exaggerated

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The alleged “death of blogging” makes for an appealing story title, yet new blogs still seem to pop up all the time …

Blogging is not on the way out – it’s just that other social media have taken over many of its functions

A report last month in the Economist tells us that “blogging is dying” as more and more bloggers abandon the form for its cousins: the tweet, the Facebook Wall, the Digg.


Google Seeks to Hire “Head of Social”

Monday, May 10th, 2010

It was inevitable that Google would eventually get into social networking in a big way …

Google says it’s willing to accept its shortcomings on the social web and bring in a “Head of Social” to set it on the right course. The company has hired an executive recruiter to fill the position, and is currently in the process of casting its net as widely as possible.

Though competition from Google sends shivers down spines in just about every sector — from news and book publishers to phone makers to venture capital — the company’s dominance has a gaping hole on the social web. Google has tried to introduce social sites, from Orkut to Buzz, but they’ve had limited appeal, hampered by a misunderstanding of user needs. In recent months Google has added a social layer onto its existing products, like search and maps. And it does have powerhouse publishing and communication properties in Blogger and Gmail on the outskirts of the social web. But there’s no formidable master plan to speak of.