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A Server Console Switch with Break Command Blocking Simplifies Communication with Network Devices

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Different models of server products will react differently when certain commands and characters are received via serial port. For example, when a serial port on a Sun server receives a break character, the Sun server will generally interpret the break character as a reboot command and will immediately enter a reboot cycle; disrupting communication, interrupting service and causing unnecessary delays while the server completes the reboot cycle. Obviously, this complicates the task of connecting a Sun server to any kind of device that routinely generates break characters along with other data.


What are the Advantages of a Serial Switch with Break Command Blocking Capabilities?

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

In addition to providing a solution for out of band management applications, serial switches are often used to provide a means for communication between various devices in a remote equipment rack. Often, two rack mount devices are connected to RS232 serial ports on the serial switch and then the serial switch is configured to create a connection between the two devices. This provides a convenient means to allow switching to back-up devices in the event that one of the connected serial devices malfunctions, but it can also create problems for devices such as Sun servers that respond to break commands by initiating a reboot cycle. One simple way to eliminate this problem is to choose a serial switch that supports break command blocking.


A Serial Switch that Blocks Break Commands

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

In many cases, a simple break command can cause certain types of servers to immediately reboot, resulting in a interruption of user access until the reboot cycle is completed. In most cases, a break command is received from a connected device, initiating an unnecessary reboot cycle and causing a delay while the server finishes booting up. In order to prevent unrequested reboot cycles, WTI Serial Switch ( include a break command blocking option which allows the console server to prevent break commands from being passed along to a connected server.


Why Break Command Blocking is a Vital Feature for Console Servers …

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The ability to allow or block breaks is an important feature to consider when selecting a console sever … especially when that console server is being used to manage a Sun/Solaris server.

Breaks sent through the serial port to a Solaris unit will cause the unit to restart. In some instances, the ability to issue a break command is vital, yet in other instances, inadvertently issued break commands can cause problems. For example, if the unit cannot be accessed via the network port and you must log into the console server and send a break code to the unit in order to restart. However, when uploading binary data to your unit, you would want the option to turn off breaks due to the fact that during a binary upload, it is crucial that the connection with the unit is not broken.