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Google Discloses Edge and IE Vulnerability

Monday, February 27th, 2017

This is a fairly serious vulnerability. It’s surprising that we’re hearing about this from Google, rather than Microsoft.

Google disclosed a security vulnerability in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer yesterday that Microsoft failed to patch up until now. This is the second vulnerability that Google disclosed this month. Last week, the company disclosed a Windows vulnerability that affected the gdi32.dll dynamic link library in Windows. The new vulnerability that Google disclosed yesterday affects the web browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


Support Scammers Exploit HMTL5 Bug that Makes Chrome Hang

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Fortunately, the solution for this scam exploit is as simple as Control-Shift-Esc …

Malwarebytes reports that a new tech support scam is being exploited in the wild that targets all recent versions of the Google Chrome browser. The scam exploits a bug in Chrome’s implementation of the history.pushState() method that enables developers to push data “onto the session history stack”. Back in 2014, use of the method caused browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari to crash.