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Console Servers Make It Easier to Deal with Problems at Remote Network Equipment Racks

Friday, June 10th, 2011

When a minor problem with network element brings down your main network, often all it takes to correct the situation is a few diagnostic and troubleshooting commands issued via the console port on the device that caused the problem. If the troublesome network element is located nearby, then it’s no problem to simply walk over to the device, connect to a console port and start issuing commands, but if the device that brought the network down is located miles away, then even a minor problem can halt network communication for hours while a service team travels to the remote site to deal with the problem in person. The best way to avoid network shutdowns caused by minor flukes at remote network equipment sites, is to implement an out of band management solution that includes a console server unit at the remote site.


Callback Security – An Important Feature for Modem-Based Console Server Applications

Friday, May 13th, 2011

When managing network devices at extremely remote installation sites, it’s not always possible to establish a connection with a console server unit via network cable. In cases like this, network administrators often rely on an old fashioned dial-up modem connection in order to communicate with the console server and other devices at the remote site. Although dial-up is obviously slower than a network connection, it serves well for administrators who need to check status or perform troubleshooting functions at these remote sites.


Callback Security – An Important Feature for Out of Band Management via Modem

Monday, March 21st, 2011

In many out of band management applications, either the location of the equipment site or economical considerations make it impractical to include a secondary/maintenance network for out of band access. In cases like this, communication via dial-up modem often provides the only available means to access remote network devices. Although dial-up communication provides a viable alternative to a dedicated secondary/maintenance network, the nature of dial-up presents an obvious security challenge. This is why an out of band management product that includes callback security capability often provides the most practical solution for secure, out of band access to remote network elements.


Callback Security Protects Modem Access to Remote Console Servers

Friday, February 18th, 2011

There are many console server applications that still rely on a dial-up modem. For some applications, communication via modem provides the only means to establish an out of band connection with the console server in order to communicate with a remote network device. The main drawback with communication via modem (other than speed) is that many authentication protocols are not supported for modem communication. This means that console servers that are accessed via modem need an alternative means to authenticate user identity; the most popular and effective means to verify modem-based users is callback security.


Secure Out of Band Management via Modem

Monday, January 10th, 2011

An out of band management solution provides an extremely convenient tool for network administrators who need to manage and troubleshoot remote network equipment sites. In most cases, out of band management relies on a secondary network to allow access to command functions on remote network elements in order to check unit status, diagnose problems and get remote network equipment up and running again. This obviously simplifies the process of dealing with problems at remote network sites … but what does an administrator do if a secondary network is unavailable or unfeasible?