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Remote Out-of-Band Management via 3G/4G Modem

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

When network equipment is located in extremely remote locations, the task of implementing an effective out-of-band management solution can present a difficult challenge. At remote installations sites that are far off the beaten track, network cables and phone lines are often unavailable, forcing network engineers to rely on other means for out-of-band access to networked devices. One effective solution to this type of application is an out-of-band management solution based on communication via 3G/4G modem.


Managing Network Elements at Remote Cell Towers via 3G-4G Modem

Friday, August 16th, 2013

When a network device at a remote cell tower crashes and makes direct communication with the tower impossible, it’s absolutely vital to have a secondary, out-of-band avenue for communication in order to allow administrators to restore communication without a service call. In more mundane network applications, the obvious choices for out-of-band management would be a secondary network or a dial-up connection, but given the extremely remote nature of most cell towers, cellular broadband via 3G/4G modem is often the only viable option for out-of-band communication with a cell tower.