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Where Can I Download the Different Google Chrome Builds?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Just in case you want to collect them all …

Did you know that Google alone is releasing four different versions of the Google Chrome browser regularly? And that is not even counting the Chromium releases that make up the core of the browser. This guide describes the differences between those releases. It also links to the official download pages where each build can be downloaded.


Chromium Updater Overview

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

I haven’t really played around with Chromium much myself, but after reading this, I’m starting to think that I should probably look into it …

Chromium basically is the Open Source part of the Google Chrome browser. It is a standalone browser that runs very well on its own, and some users prefer to use it for a variety of reasons. To name some: It gets updates first before they are added to the three Google Browser variants dev, beta and stable. Another aspect is that it is completely Open Source without proprietary code.


Chromium Gets GPU Acceleration, Chrome Next

Monday, August 30th, 2010

It would be interesting to see exactly what GPU acceleration does for Chromium and/or Chrome … I might need to check this out.

Hardware accelerated rendering seems to be a new web browser trend, as developers of all major browsers have confirmed that their browsers will support it in one form or the other.

The latest announcement in this regard came from the Chromium team just two days ago. Google has for some time worked on implementing hardware acceleration in Chromium, and the announcement acts as a primer to summarize those efforts.


Google Chrome Dev Hits Version 7

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

It doesn’t sound like there’s much to get excited about here … maybe I’ll wait for Version 8.

The Chromium developers have really redefined versioning at least when it comes to their web browser. The browser that made its first appearance in 2008 has now reached version 7 in the developer channel, with the likelihood that the beta and stable channels will follow suite later this year.

Usually, a major leap in version correlates to a big change in a product. Not so with Google Chrome 7, as the first release fixes one issue for all operating systems, one Mac specific issue and stability fixes for the Chrome Frame feature.


Flock Dumps Mozilla for Chromium

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Two years ago, who would have guessed that Chromium would be giving Mozilla a run for its money?

Flock, the popular browser built atop Mozilla’s Firefox but with a social networking aspect for easy sharing of web information, has become the first major third-party browser to use Google’s Chromium platform, the open-source browser used for Google Chrome. As WebWorkerDaily notes, the platform should turbo-charge Flock’s performance at a time when speeds of Firefox (and its underlying platform, which Flock is moving away from) lag behind Apple’s new Safari 5 and Google’s latest Chrome browser.