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Having Trouble Finding Cisco 2509 Units? Here’s an Alternative Out-of-Band Access Solution

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Although network engineers have long relied on the Cisco 2509 as a solution for out remote console access, Cisco 2509 units have become increasingly hard to find since it’s discontinuation as a product in 2004. A determined search might turn up two or three Cisco 2509 units here and there, but the task of finding sufficient quantities of 2509 units to support a large scale network application has become nearly impossible. Fortunately, WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers provide a perfect drop-in replacement for the venerable Cisco 2509.


A Replacement Console Server Solution for the Cisco 2509

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Ever since the Cisco 2509 router/hub was discontinued in 2004, many network engineers have had an increasingly difficult time finding a suitable remote console access solution. Although determined 2509 seekers can occasionally dig up a used 2509 here and there, it’s practically impossible to find enough 2509 units to fit the needs of constantly expanding remote network management applications. If you’ve been hunting for Cisco 2509 units without success, take heart; WTI’s TSM-DPE series console servers can provide the perfect drop-in replacement.


A Console Access Solution to Replace the Cisco 2509

Monday, July 8th, 2013

The Cisco 2509 router/hub has long been a favorite solution for network engineers who need reliable access to console port functions on remote network equipment. In fact, the Cisco 2609 did such a great job of providing remote console access that many network administrators continued to rely on the 2509 even after the product was discontinued in 2004. But now, nine years after the venerable 2509 was discontinued, network managers are faced with a new problem; Cisco 2509 units are getting increasingly difficult to find and in order to support the expanding access needs of a constantly growing network infrastructure, the time has come to find an appropriate replacement for the Cisco 2509 that’s both fully supported and readily available in large quantities.


A Replacement Access Server for the Cisco 2509

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Although the Cisco 2509 router/hub does a great job of providing remote access to console port command functions, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find Cisco 2509 units since they were discontinued in 2004. As Cisco 2509 units become more and more rare, network engineers have recognized the need for a replacement for the Cisco 2409, that not only provides an access server solution, but is also readily available in the large quantities needed for network expansion, includes full technical support and also features updated security and authentication capabilities beyond those found on used Cisco 2509 units that date back to 2004 or earlier.