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Optimize Tabs in Firefox with Classic Theme Restorer

Friday, July 24th, 2015

This sounds especially useful for grouchy, stubborn, middle-aged men like me, who hate it when program interfaces are changed, just for the sake of change.

Classic Theme Restorer is a popular extension for the Firefox browser. Initially created to undo the Australis redesign of the web browser, it is now offering settings and switches for a variety of elements and features of the browser. When you open the options the extension ships with, you get a massive list of preferences sorted into groups.


10 Reasons Why You May Want to Try Firefox’s Classic Theme Restorer Add-On

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Apparently, Firefox’s Classic Theme Restorer does a heck of a lot more than merely tweak the interface to look like the retro version of Firefox …

Classic Theme Restorer has been designed to bring back features and designs that Mozilla removed when it launched the Australis interface back with Firefox 29. The extension has evolved over time and it does more than changing rounded to squared tabs. In fact, it always did more than that but its author has added new features on a constant basis that may make it interesting even if you like the Australis interface and the changes that came along with it.


How to Turn the New Firefox 29 into the Old Firefox

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Unhappy with the new version of Firefox? Here’s how to make the new Firefox behave like the old Firefox …

Firefox 29 will introduce changes to the web browser that will rock the world of some users of the browser. The version of Firefox ships with Australis, a design, layout and feature change that introduces major changes to Firefox and is in my opinion comparable to the major switch from Firefox 3 to 4.